UltraRunner Podcast Interview

Dr. Hal Rosenberg | When and Why to See a Sports Chiropractor


Dr. Hal Rosenberg has lived and run in the trail meccas of Boulder and Flagstaff and currently lives and practices in the running hotbed of Mill Valley, California. He’s an experienced MUT runner, cyclist, and triathlete, who also happens to treat some of the top ultra trail runners in the country.

We start the discussion by hearing about Hal’s experience in outdoor endurance sports and his recent run at Black Canyon 100k, then jump into a discussion about sports chiropractors.

In this interview, I recount my experience with chiropractors, then Hal details the when and why to see a sports chiropractor. What can chiropractors do to keep you healthy, fine-tune your stride, and ultimately, help you fix your body if you’ve pushed too hard. I learn that they’re not just for backs, but for all around health and wellness.

We talk about the symptoms and signs that it’s time to seek professional help, and what you can do at home to stay on top of your game.  He talks about injuries caused by ill-fitting hydration packs, how and when to use active recovery, and why Graston (and similar techniques) work so well.

Hal Rosenberg