Patient Center


What to expect

At Mt Tam Sport & Spine we believe:

  • Adventure and activity is the fountain of life that keeps us feeling young and vibrant

  • Your next position is the best one

  • We often ask - “do we stop playing because we get old, or do we get old because we stop playing?”   

We welcome new athletes and patients. Whether you need us for diagnosis, treatment of an injury, preventive care, or athletic or personal performance. We are here to help you.

Our treatment approach is individualized based on your specific needs. Most of our patients notice immediate results and achieve pain relief within a short period of time. Our focus is to provide everyone the highest quality possible level of care.

When you arrive to our office you will be greeted with a smile. We are happy happy to see you. If you haven't done so online already, you will be asked to complete some information out about yourself, your current complaint, and your past medical history.

Then you will meet with Dr. Rosenberg. He will discuss with you the history of your complaint to understand your symptoms, how they are affecting your life, and how your life would be better without them. Dr. Rosenberg will perform the necessary movement, orthopedic, neurologic, and functional examinations to better identify the cause and nature of your condition. If indicated, other studies or referrals will be also discussed at this time.

In most cases you will then receive individualized treatment geared to both relieve you of your symptoms and start the healing process. Discussion of treatments and different options will also be discussed at this time.

On follow-up visits we will review the nature of your problem and discuss a personalized treatment plan according to your goals. You will also be given homecare and training recommendations for your condition as well as a game plan for a safe return to regular training and other activities.