Hal is a great resource for active Bay Area folks. An athlete himself, Hal understands the importance of getting healed in a timely manner, and he has the knowledge and tools to help make it happen. Super nice guy as well.

Michael McCormack

Professional Triathlete, Two-time winner Ironman Canada


Dr. Hal provided me with excellent chiropractic care both during training and during pre-race preparations at key international race events. Not only is Dr. Hal a skilled chiropractor but he has a passion for sport and understands the rigors of triathlon because he is a triathlete himself. Dr. Hal cares about his patients, their health and helping me them achieve their best. I highly recommend for athletes, both recreational and competitive to seek out Dr. Hal Rosenberg.

Rachel Sears Casanta

Professional Triathlete


Hal Rosenberg, DC is tops when it comes to dealing with sports related injuries. He has helped me prepare for the successful mountain climb of Mt. Blanc and other high altitude peaks around the globe.

He is a proponent of the Graston Technique, these are (stainless steel) instruments designed specifically for working on soft tissue. Dr. Hal has helped me dramatically extend my athletic career. At 64 years old, I am still an active mountain climber, biker, and gym rat.

I would highly recommend Dr. Hal and his great staff.

Ken M.


I thought I had a great chiropractor when I lived on the peninsula. He was good, but I didn’t know what I was missing until I moved to San Francisco and stopped working on the peninsula. I researched chiropractors on yelp and chose Dr. Hal Rosenberg.

My previous chiropractor was good at adjustments, but that’s where it ended. Hal works with professional athletes and does deep tissue manipulations in addition to his adjustments. He also had me do physiotherapy at his clinic to build the muscles & flexibility to avoid the same injuries again.

After a series of treatments, he asked me how I felt. I started to say that I was “back to normal”, but then corrected it to say that I was better than I used to be. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his entire staff.

Tad B.


The pain really does stop here! Having to practically crawl to get there, I was in so much pain in my lower back. In tears upon arrival, the front of the house staff took extra care with me and I immediately felt like everything was going to be okay within the first few minutes.

I was promptly greeted by Dr. Hal Rosenberg….i.e. The Miracle Man! Not only was he quite possible the most handsome doctor I’ve visited (can we say …bonus?) he clearly knew what he was doing because my pain significantly decreased after just one visit! Over the course of the next few days I returned to his office and after each visit my pain decreased. (Im in no pain today–2 weeks later)…..phew!!!

I’m confident that these guys are back experts and that they take the best approach to treatment…a Holistic–Total Care Approach that is consultative, educational and supportive.

Thanks Dr. Rosenberg for taking such good care of me. I’m truly grateful!

Christina H.


I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hal Rosenberg. After a week of back pain that was only getting worse with each passing day – I made an appointment here. Dr. Rosenberg is the best of the best. He was open and honest about what was going on with my back and what the best plan of treatment would be. I didn’t feel rushed or hurried – Dr. Rosenberg took the time to make me feel better. My back is much, much better and I would not hesitate to send people to see Dr. Rosenberg. I am so happy I decided to go here.

Prior O.


I can’t say enough about Dr. Hal Rosenberg. When I first came in to see him, it was on a referral from a friend who teaches chiropractic medicine and lives in Miami, Florida. I was in a fair amount of pain for quite some time. I have a degenerative disk problem in my neck from many years of running on paved city roads. I also have issues with my lower back and hip from time to time. In the past, I had seen numerous chiropractors prior to Dr. Hal who had me coming back for numerous visits with no results. I kept hearing the same thing – that my running and exercise days were over because my body was aging. This was clearly not what I wanted to hear! What I liked right away about Dr. Hal was that he listened to what I had to say and knowing that I needed to continue exercising and working out to do corrective exercises. He gave me exercises which I have incorporated into my daily life with great success. Between Dr. Hal’s expertise and the rehab exercises, I am happy to say that I am back in the gym and going on aggressive hikes with my mountain climbing boyfriend, Ken, riding my bike up and down the San Francisco steep hills and feeling great. I go in for a tune up with Dr. Hal as maintenance every few weeks and will gladly recommend him to anyone. The best part about Dr. Hal is that beside being the best chiropractor around he is a compassionate human being who’s number one priority is healing the body. Thank you Dr. Hal…you’re the best!!!!

Gail E.


I fell off a 15 ft boulder and landed flat on my back. Obviously, that hurt. After seeing a sports medicine MD, I decided to try a chiropractor. I was skeptical at first, but Hal Rosenberg made me feel totally comfortable (he’s a climber!) and at ease. He adjusted me, did a little myofascial release and I immediately felt better.

Kelley P.


Hal Rosenberg is a God.

I was having some pretty heavy right side pains from rocking out to a 10 hour weekend of gigs (swinging and dancing a 20 lb. bass around for 5 hours a night), and think i triggered an old injury. Either way, I was in severe pain. i saw Hal 4 times and the pain is gone.

Thanks Hal. You deserve 10 stars.

Adam X.


Dr. Hal Rosenberg has cold eyes like Hal9000.

He fixes your back like no one else though.

And recently he’s fixing also a problem I’ve carried for years on my right hand.

I’ll go and pay a visit to him even if I get a simple cold, he has the cure!”

Dario B.


Dr. Hal Rosenberg is my Chiropractor. He is also an avid athlete and is frequently a doctor for various triathlons and Ironmans, and I think he also does some golf-related stuff too. He is extremely professional. He has helped me try to solve my neck/shoulder/back problems through various unique methods including the Graston Technique to reduce scar tissue, and has even worked to help me find doctors in other cities when I am traveling, and then coordinates with them on my care. Since seeing Dr. Rosenberg, my pain has been significantly reduced, my posture is better, my ergonomics at work are better, and I am sleeping more soundly with the pillows he recommended.

Overall, if you are an athlete or you are looking for a one stop shop for the majority of your medical needs, this is the place for you.

Jennifer B.


Hal has treated me for numerous sports injuries related to running, swimming, biking, triathlon, and Ironman training. His knowledge of the subtleties of endurance sports-related injuries is the best of any healthcare provider I have encountered.”

Spencer P.


I worked with Dr. Hal for almost a year on a chronic pain issue that impacted my sports performance. He was always helpful, cheerful and responsive to my questions and requests. After the year of work, I was able to compete again, and placed third in my age group for the first time! He's a great, caring and incredibly competent professional that I recommend without hesitation.

Nancy M


Dr Hal Rosenberg is great! It is often tough to find good doctors to refer patients. Not only did I find one, I found a GREAT one.

Here’s how it happened. I ran into a very nice young lady in the San Jose area at a running event. I helped her with a some leg pain she was having, but she needed a couple more treatments. This young lady lived in SF, so I referred her to Dr Rosenberg. I heard later that this young lady had great results from Dr Rosenberg’s care and was please with his care.

So, if you, a friend, a family member or a patient is in the San Francisco area and looking for a great sports chiropractor call Dr. Hal Rosenberg!!

Dr. Tony K.


I have been going to see Dr. Hal Rosenberg for years, and can not say enough about him!

I first when there with a blown out knee, not only did he fix my knee without surgery, he cured my chronic migraines and have continued to improve my overall health.

Sports medicine is a specialty, and service simply comes naturally with efficient front desk and back office support. I’ve tried other chiropractic offices, but Dr. Hal is the best.

Dale E.


Dr. Rosenberg has done wonders for my upper back and neck issues. He explains what’s going on and makes you take some responsibility for your care.

Natalie C.


I have been going to Dr. Rosenberg for the past 3 months and he has been fantastic. I feel 1000 times better thanks to his adjustments and treatments and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for chiropractic care.

Steve B.


Hal is a great guy and a great chiropractor. He has a great and makes knowledge of anatomical systems and makes excellent diagnoses.

Tilden M.


Hal does great work. He got me ready for some big races so that I was injury-free. Thanks Hal.

James W.


This clinic’s approach is AWESOME. They specialize in sports injuries (among other things), and it shows. Dr. Rosenberg is an Ironman triathlete, and helps the official Ironman tournaments with chiropractic treatments.

I injured my back seriously about 3 weeks ago, a minor disc injury, but any disc injury is a serious injury. When I came back to work after a week of bed rest, I was still kinda hobbling–i drove in and parked, unlike my usual MUNI commute. knuckling my back, waist not turning when walking, keeping my back perfectly straight, I felt like an old man. If I jostled my back, I would get back spasms, though not nearly as intensely as before (read: getting out of bed was an adventure)

Second day back at work, Dr. Rosenberg. He evaluated me, and determined I had a disc injury, and ordered an MRI. Dr. Rosenberg knew exactly what to do with me. He did his “adjustments” (those little cracks in your spine feel sooooo good), and I was immediately walking a little looser. Gave me electro-stim and I walked back to work substantially looser than before, with less pain. I saw him every day the rest of that week, and by the 3rd visit, I was walking pretty much normally. By Friday, I was feeling like driving to work was superfluous, but I still didn’t want to chance it.

I went back to work via MUNI Monday of week 2. Still hurt when I walked, but it was easily bearable, and I didn’t feel like a wrong move would debilitate me. Now it’s near the end of Week 3, and after 5 more visits, I’m walking as fast as I normally do, and can even do some “half” running when I was catching a MUNI streetcar that just passed me by.

He gave me several special stretches to do, aside from my normal martial art stretching routine, and a few postures/exercises to hold for strengthening some muscles to protect my spine.

I swear by these him! Since I know I will be getting more sports injuries as I get older, I’ve been looking for a good clinic to support me, and these guys are PERFECT.

Fong L.


This is a great place. The entire staff is welcoming and professional. It’s clean, but not sterile – the way some doctors offices are…I also had the pleasure of being “fixed” by Dr. Rosenberg. He’s patient and answered ALL of my many questions… true test of patience.

Heidi L.


Clearly an exceptional experience for the majority of people who have been to this office, as you can see in the numerous raving reviews.

Why? Because, these guys/gals are ROCK STARS!

Dr. Hal Rosenberg (DC) is my Heroes!

The man with magic hands and fabulous smiles!

The entire office is warm and friendly, attentive, and professional.

They cater to a wide range of athletes, and others.

The first time I met Dr. Rosenberg was in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal at the World USA Triathlon Olympic qualifier in 2004.

My friend, who was a participant, froze his back up just before his race. Major Bummer!

I tried helping out by doing some massage (woohoo!) earlier in the day, but he could barely stand. (At least I tried)

So, AK decided to see the team doctor…Dr. Rosenberg.

Wow! Was I impressed.

A twist here, a crack there….and Presto!

Dr. Rosenberg was able to get AK back in the race.

Excellent job!

In September of 07′ I met Dr. Rosenberg again when I needed help getting back to work after an accident with a certain truck. (Yep, the truck won)

Dr. Rosenberg is an excellent Chiropractor.

(You can see his credentials on their great user friendly website)

He has been able to get me back to doing my daily activities, sports, and work.

(Not sure if getting back to work is a good thing or a bad thing!)

He is very attentive and thorough in his exams.

Always upbeat, positive, and focused.

He incorporates others to help in the healing process when needed.

He is exceptionally timely and efficient.

Now that’s service!

I have never waited more than 10 min.

Dr. Rosenberg is an athlete.

So, he understands the importance of getting us back out there as quickly as possible, but only when it is safe to do so.

I am always recommending this office to my friends, and to those I don’t even know…like you!

Don’t wait…if you need an adjustment…you found the right place!

Thanks Dr. Hal!

You are the best!