Kinesiology tape is an elastic cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive used for treating athletic injuries and enhancing movement. We use Rocktape due to its stronger adhesive and design. It is the only kinesiology tape engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, swimmers, and cyclists; but it works well for all individuals.  


  • Enhance performance

  • Prevent fatigue

  • Promote circulation

  • Remove lactic acid

Unlike traditional athletic tape, which binds and doesn’t stretch, Rocktape is engineered to replicate movement of the human skin. Of its many uses, Rocktape can be utilized to promote recovery, relieve pain and swelling, and stabilize muscles and joints that have been injured or overused. Rocktape provides support and stability without compressing and reducing blood flow – some of the downsides of utilizing braces and sleeves. Thus, the tape’s capabilities make it well suited to the repair of localized muscle groups.

The same science that is used to treat injuries can be applied to promote better circulation and lymph drainage (reduce swelling) for sports applications. By applying Rocktape to specific area, we are able to reduce muscle vibration, accelerate blood flow through the muscles to encourage oxygenation removal of waste products. These functions provide the active individual with additional endurance and help promote recovery.

Whether used for muscle repair, movement stability, recovery or enhanced performance, Rocktape can be a valuable component in your training and rehab. For your convenience it can be purchased right here in our clinic.